Darth vs Luke

Get more likes and shares on your content by presenting battle votes!

Want to make your content go viral? Want to figure out who will win?

With the battle vote plugin you can quickly set up a short snippet in your content which prompts visitors to share to vote.

Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker
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189 votes
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The Battle Vote Plugin is a great way to make your content shareable and bring more people to your website to vote

Using the Plugin

The Plugin is straightforward to use, create your Battle, choose the color and the images, and then add the following shortcode to a post or page

[display_battle id=X]

Where ‘X’ is the ID of the battle you created.

Like this page, you can add content around the battle and add your battle mid content

Post Topical Battles

Use battle vote to post topical battles. From who will be the next US president, to which team will win the superbowl. The battles are limited to your imagination.

Through posting topical battles you increase the chance that people will want to come and cast their vote too!

Prompted sharing

You can vote using Twitter. You can vote using Facebook. The link to your post will be shared across Social Media and you’ll see more people come and make a vote too.

What are you waiting for? Purchase battle vote  and start posting your very own battles!

Plugin Features

  • Side by Side Battle Vote (A vs B)
  • Photo driven voting
  • Customisable colours
  • Unlimited battle votes
  • Share content to vote
  • One vote per IP

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